LETTER: We need to do to get texting drivers off the road in Southern Nevada

What a bunch of weak sisters the Carson City gang is proving to be. Texting is a problem for all ages and doing so while driving is a criminal offense and should be treated as such. Raising the fine from $50 to $100 is like a kiss on the cheek. Let’s get serious and talk 10 days of night school for the first offense, a $250 fine for the second and taking away your phone for the third.

The people who text while driving know they are breaking the law and really must not give a damn.

Recently, I was following a car that was moving erratically. At first we thought the driver may have been drinking. But when we hit a red light and pulled alongside, we encountered a women maybe in he mid-20s texting. She looked over at me and I casually shook my head telling her it’s a no-no. Guess what? She rolled down her window and blasted out a nasty and gave me the finger.

Why not set up an easy system to send the offender’s car license number to some data bank for record to help in future punishments? My wife has a cell phone and our car and is equipped to accept and deliver hands-free calls and texts. But neither my wife nor I will not use the system while driving because it is very distracting.